Although no one knows exactly when the Bridge Lane footbridge was built, historical documents indicate that it was constructed sometime in 1911 by the Calumet Land Company. At the time, Lake Drive between Green Tree and Calumet Roads did not exist. Traveling north required descending the bluff at Green Tree Road, traversing Beach Drive, and then ascending the bluff below Fox Lane.  Building the footbridge  provided a major north-south shortcut to area residents.

Since that time, families, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts from around the area have enjoyed the impact of the ravine from a footbridge.. Young couples have become  engaged, friends (including a local girls’ sports team) have bonded, and children have experienced the wonder of nature from the bridge. It’s a spiritual place, a unique treasure and a public place.  It's open to all.

Sadly, the bridge has reached the end of its lifespan. It does not meet modern construction and load standards.  Its metal trusses and supports have rusted and weakened; it has dangerously slipped on its concrete piers.

The Fox Point Village Board has studied a number of options related to the footbridge. Consultants analyzed the cost to repair the current bridge or build a new one, as well as a variety of construction options and the cost to remove the current bridge. The Village Board in April passed a motion requesting that approximately half of the $1.25 million construction cost, plus fundraising expenses, be raised privately.

Footbridge Friends, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization,  is working diligently to provide the needed funds to the Village of Fox Point via a capital campaign.